Welcome to the Retro Minecraft Store

Please use our new store to purchase ranks: https://store.retromc.org/

You will find purchasable ranks and items on our store. We do not force players to purchase, nor attempt to persuade them into the purchasing of ranks. Our ranks are for people who are willing to donate and mainly help the server. We wish to be fully transparent with our costs, and the amount of money we receive so players are able to view all recent purchases as well as our operating costs on its selected page. Donations although they are not necessary, they help us maintain our server and allow us to continue improving them.

Payment Gateways

Our store currently offers two payment gateways, Paypal and Xsolla. We highly recommend users to use PayPal due to high fees on the Xsolla gateway.

If you have any questions, please contact staff@retromc.org

I would like to personally thank anyone who purchases a rank to support our server.

- Johny Muffin (Owner)